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Glide Cupping Therapy Massage


  • 45 minutes
  • 30 British pounds
  • Davidson Gardens

Service Description

Glide Cupping Massage Therapy is an ancient healing practice that involves placing specially designed cups on your skin to create a vacuum effect. This gentle suction works different to compressive massage such as deep tissue as it helps to lift and separate tight fascia also known as the connective tissue which covers the muscle avoiding unnecessary bruising and burns caused by static or fire cupping Reducing muscle tension and pain by bringing new nutrients and oxygen to them, circulation and lymphatic drainage is enhanced, removing toxin build up within the body, furthermore the overall tone and texture of the skin can improve in time reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars as collagen production is stimulated. Known to be deeply relaxing by some this treatment works by unblocking the qi meridian lines/zones this should not be a painful experience however some discomfort can be felt over the tighter area/areas of old injury albeit this soon dissipates. can be highly beneficial especially those fighting chronic illnesses, unfortunately this is unsuitable for those with A pacemaker. Severe anaemia. Bleeding disorders - haemophilia etc. Clotting disorders - Deep Vain Thrombosis etc. History of, angina, strokes or TIA’s. Cardiovascular diseases. Severe skin conditions. Epilepsy. Type 1 diabetic. Type 2 diabetic. (Dr approval needed) Those with cancer. - going through or just finished treatment. Open wounds and cuts.

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