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Hopi Ear Candling

Energy balancing treatment

  • 45 minutes
  • 20 British pounds
  • Davidson Gardens

Service Description

Ear candling also known as thermo-auricular therapy is an ancient practice that has been used all over the world & is known for its soothing effects. A candle is placed into the ear while the client lays on their side, as the candle burns the client may feel warmth or hear crackling due to the nature of the candles burn, the same will be repeated on the opposite side with a pressure point facial massage & scalp massage to finish, the candle burn time will be different to each person. These are hollow tubes made from linen, infused with honey extract, chamomile and sage, the BIOSUN candles used are all natural to promote the ultimate relaxation. The candles have a red maximum burn line and have a filter inside the candle too ensure a safe treatment. Hopi means peaceful people & this treatment is not only relaxing and rejuvenating, its also helpful for a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions including the following: - Sinusitis - Tinnitus - Hay fever - Catarrh - Headaches - Irritability and stress - May help to loosen excessive ear wax - stress - Ear pressure due to flying - Vertigo A full consultation will be carried out to determine any underlying issues that may prevent or restrict this treatment, please do not hesitate to contact me in regards to any concerns.

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