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Shakti Bliss

60 minutes

  • 1 hour
  • 60 British pounds
  • 2 Davidson Gardens

Service Description

What is The Shakti Mati used for? Unwind using The Shakti Mat at Dimples, The Shakti Mat, used in this service, is a simple but effective wellness tool that helps promotes deep sleep, healthy circulation, and relaxation of tense muscles through acupressure by activating the 12 trigger points within the back How do I know it is working? When using The Shakti Mat, thousands of spikes apply pressure to your skin and muscles, the self warming mat helps to relax muscles 1.5x faster than massage alone. Relaxation is increased by 39% in just the first 20 minutes while increasing muscle relief by up to 67% overall. This experience can be uncomfortable and prickly at first. This will last a couple of minutes before a tingly sensation occurs. Does it hurt? Often the body goes into 'resistance mode' due to any stress you may be carrying physically or mentally. After around 3-5 minutes, however, discomfort tends to transition into relaxation. Everyone is different. So while your friend might take to The Shakti Mat straight away, you may take a couple of weeks to adjust. Tip #1: Relax and give in. The more you resist the spikes and tense your body, the more it will hurt. Use your breath to calm the body. Tip #2: Be patient with yourself. Don't expect to be a perfect Shakti-er straight away. Rise to the challenge knowing that with time and commitment you will soon love the experience and won't want to miss a session. Why not expand your relaxation even further by adding The Shakti Neck Pillow for the ultimate Shakti Bliss Experience. Not suitable for those with Epilepsy, Cardiovascular conditions, Coagulation issues (blood thinner medication), or Pregnancy.

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