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Free Patch Test

Required for all lash and tint appointments.

  • 15 min
  • 2 Davidson Gardens

Service Description

Available for tint or lash lift, even both at the same time, completely free! Prioritize your safety and comfort with a free patch test, all lash treatments require this to be carried out no less than 24 hours before your appointments time. What is a patch test? A patch test is when a small amount of product is placed either behind the ear or in the crease of the forearm, this precaution is taken to prevent an adverse reaction following an eyelash treatment safeguarding yourself as a client as well as myself as the therapist. Patch testing is the easiest way to find out if a clients skin is prone to reactions of ingredients and has a six month validity. Contra - actions to be aware of; - Redness - Itchiness - Swelling - Blistering If the following shall occur remove all product, wash with cool water and apply a cold damp compress, contact myself as soon as possible after a reaction so I can detail it too my notes send photographs if possible, take an antihistamine. GP/pharmaceutical advice may be needed.

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